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16 November 1988
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About Me:
I'm Caitie, I'm a very complicated person, full with very many different facets of my personality that make me up as a whole. I spend most of my time in school. I'm studying Political Science in hopes of getting into law school to become an entertainment lawyer. Music is my core, my sanity, what keeps me going. I love going to shows, promoting bands, listening to music, and above all else I live for singing, writing music, and performing. I see music as my way of interpreting the world around me, and I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have that vice. I'm horrible at keeping jobs. I can never seem to be happy in conventional places of employment,my artist self wont let me be content with a 9-5, I have too many dreams for a life of routine. I'm extremely close with my family. At many times they're all I have and no matter how dysfunctional we may be we know without a doubt we have each other. I tend to fill the mom role most of the time which led me to mature way faster than most people. I'm Straight Edge meaning: no random sex, doing drugs, consuming alcohol, or smoking. I'm a person with a deep faith in god, but will never be the bible thumper type; I view being a person of character and integrity as my way of "preaching the gospel." I think religion is to be understood within a person and they must find their own definition and relationship with it. I'm somewhat of a tree-hugger; I care deeply about the environment, global warming, animal rights, human rights, etc. I believe in acceptance of everyone, and an empathetic point of view in order to see the other side of things. I dont care how you live your life, your religion, sexuality, etc. just as long as you're a person with good character and intentions. I have many acquaintances but very few friends, but the ones I do have are amazing. I have endless dreams, In short I want to change the world. Now yes I am aware that is impossible, but I'm optimistic about creating a movement towards it. I'm the kind of girl that gives way more than I should, and I get my heart broken easily. I'm an extremely stubborn gal, with an extremely opinionated mind. I love to read political books, mostly by Howard Zinn. I love going to Phoenix. I love to laugh, but am never ashamed to cry. I'm cooky, wacky, and probably a little weird. But I'd rather be different than completely the same. Overall you either love me or hate me; there's really no in between. But I am who I am, take it or leave it.

My Past & Present Musical Endeavors:
T.O.E.S.(2002-2006) , Selling Our Secrets(2008), Aphotic(Current), Caitie Parker (me) Solo Project(Current)

What My Friends Have To Say About Me:
"Caitie owns your life..okay maybe not your life but she does OWN. she's brilliant and pleasure to be around, I'm glad in a life as bleek as this one has been I fount her. Once you have her as a friend, she's there for you for anything. She's been my lifeline in more ways than one, anyways there to listen and help people. she's talent in many ways than one she a great songwriter and singer plus she's a great person. And she's the most down to earth person you'll ever meet she always looking out for you and telling you not to make bad decisions because she doesn't want to see you go down that way. She wants to see you succeed, she places so much faith in a person even if you don't place it in yourself!!!
There's so much I would write about Caitie, because she's that amazing, independant, giving, talented, pretty, loveable, easy going, laid back, giving, great, and alot of other words. :).

CAITIE FOR PRESIDENT!! WoOt \m/ rock on."
Credit: Mary C.

You have the best taste in music, and I frequent your journal so I can listen to new stuff.

hahah :)

Caitie sucks! Ok so not really. She is DA BOMB. Especially 'cause we met because of Nsync stuff she had written on her purse!! Heck yes. :)

I would like to say you are probably the worst human being known to man, i mean screw all those other people who do evil on an daily basis LMFAO. Just kidding.

Caitie~is probably the most awesome person ever. true story. You don't half assed stuff, and your word is as good as your bond. You give your all in everything you do, and you never settle for nothing less. You are very driven, whenever it comes to setting your sights on something and going about achieving them. You have been through some rough time but instead of turning to drugs you turned towards music and trying to help others get through it. You are always there for your friends and it's refreshing to know that genuine, non asshole people still exist in the world.

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